16D BOP Accumulator Sizing and Performance Tool

Interlink Systems is now offering an updated version of the software originally published by API to support the API Specification 16D, 2nd Edition. 

In 2005, The American Petroleum Institute revised API Specification 16D to properly handle the sizing of accumulators for use in deep water. The reason for the change was that, for deep water and fast discharges, the previous assumptions of ideal gas behavior and/or isothermal expansion become so inaccurate that the accumulator could be too small even with the previous design factor allowance.

The calculations required by 16D, 2nd Edition can be tedious when done by hand.  This software implements the extremely accurate NIST gas laws and the API 16D rules, making it much more convenient to verify compliance with 16D.   This revised version  works more smoothly with Windows Vista and 7, and computers with multiple monitors.

For update and technical information, see the 16D Sizing Tool support page.


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